Virtual Pilots

AIRSIDE is open to the most popular virtual pilot platforms, including IVAO and VATSIM.
Pilots enrolled in any of these, will be eligible for a discount.

We organize events during which our virtual pilots and instructors will guide you through flight operations.



 We also have aviation materials, including flight maps, up to date AIRACs, high-quality scenarios, which will make your experience even more real.

Do you want to become a Virtual Pilot? Check out our courses.

They will be held on weekends or midweek days, with a schedule to be decided and updated upon participants availability.

Each course will consist of a theoretical and a practical part.. 

There will be a rotation of crews and the duration of the session may vary from a minimum of 2 hours to a maximum of 4, depending on the number of participants.

Are you a Virtual Pilot enrolled in one of our courses?

Are you a Virtual Pilot enrolled in one of our courses ?

If you are a virtual pilot and would like more information about our events, discounted rates, or compatibility with the platforms and plugins you normally use from home, send us an email!